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 The Face Behind The Creative Designs 


Owner/Lead Designer

Sara Adams


Lucky for me, I grew up with a Grandmother that owned one of the oldest & well known Flower shops in the South Bay Area. She also firmly believed in child labor LOL, so I was blessed at a very early age with a life long creative gift & priceless valuable knowledge in the flower industry <3. By the age of 8 I had my heart set on being either a Lawyer or Florist. Both careers seemed like they would be fun and rewarding. In my 8 year old mind I thought I could litigate in court well cause, I loved challenging my parents so much and figured it would be similar haha. Through the years I was subjected to child labor, I truly grew to love flowers and being creative (not to mention law school is outrageously expensive!). My mind was made up! I convinced my Grandmother to retire and sell her shop to me ("Carson Florist and Gifts" located in Carson, CA). By the age of 19 I owned a storefront retail Flower Shop. After several years of being a retail florist I eventually decided to relocate to the Temecula Valley area. I wanted to start raising a family and let's be honest the cost of living is an huge plus compared to Los Angeles county. As soon as my children hit school age I created Sweet Stems Florist, specializing specifically in designing for Events. I prefer and enjoy the event side of floral design so much more vs the storefront retail side. As an Event Florist I feel like I am able to provide a more personalized experience to each of my clients.


​The Services that I offer will stand out above others in my industry because I strive for excellent quality and affordability for my clients, I take great pride in my artistic creativity and the quality of product I offer to my customers. My job is to provide my clients with a stress free gorgeous special day. My number one goal is to exceed all of my clients expectations they have based on inspiration photos they have found on Pinterest!

Pro Advice while on your journey to find your Florist

 If you are searching for a florist for one of the most important days of your life. The best advice that I can give you to assist in your search. Please thoroughly do your homework when you are comparing each florist, we are not all the same. Flowers are a perishable product, I strongly recommend considering quality being more important than pricing. You diffidently wouldn't want your dream flowers to die half way through your Wedding day because you decided to book the Florist who gave you the best pricing. It's no secret that all professional Florist purchase flowers from the same wholesalers worldwide. Unfortunately not all Florist have the proper refrigeration needed to store your flowers in until they are delivered for your big day. And not all Florist have the knowledge and experience or willingness to process flowers correctly.  Most Florist do not use specific products that are needed in order to extend the life of flowers, because of the costly overhead that it creates for them. Before you make any final decisions to book a Florist make sure the Florist that you do choose has a good amount of photos of their recent work. Be sure their photos display the designers range of style and level of design skills. Have clear communication with whoever you choose, go over each and every detail of your wants and needs. There should be no hesitation in your mind that your expectations and visions will not only be met but exceeded by the Florist you choose. Discuss a reasonable budget and different options that are available to maximize that budget. When you and your Florist start discussing the specific type of flowers to use in your designs, if you focus on staying with then your color scheme using "seasonal" fresh flowers vs using premium higher priced flowers it will help immensely to maximize your budget. Lastly make sure that the Florist you choose has excellent, authentic reviews online that are from Wedding related past clients. If your potential Florist is not licensed and insured I would be extremely concerned.

Thank you for taking the time to consider me as your Florist and get to know me :) 

I share 3 beautiful children with my fiancé Eddie. Unfortunately our kiddos don't think cleaning flowers is as fun as I did at their age kids ugh! 

I run on tacos, Instacart and Amazon! Something fun you may never guess about me is... I am a chicken hoarder shhh don't tell on me. I may have a few more chickens than I probably should. I can't help it Chickens are the best pets ever! I mean come on does your family pet provide you with fresh breakfast everyday? Mine do!

 Sweet Stems Floral Designs Services Temecula, Murrieta, Fallbrook, San Diego, Orange County , Palm Springs, San Bernardino & Los Angeles  areas